Our Programming


Pod Program 

Two Girls SmilingPod Membership is the core of the Women’s Mentorship Program. The Pod Program is how we foster mentorship and help women develop the leadership skills that will benefit them at Princeton and beyond. 

Beginning this semester, members will sign up for a four-person pod organized by residential college affiliation (e.g. Rocky-Mathey, Whitman-Forbes, and Butler-Wilson). Each pod will consist of a woman from each class year. For example, a Rocky or Mathey freshman, sophomore, junior and senior could be grouped together.

Pod Meetings

The Pod meeting revolves around a weekly discussion prompt that the leadership team sends out to members. Often including an article or video, the discussion prompts address issues that are salient in women's leadership and life at Princeton. They are also closely related to the events and workshops we host throughout the semester. Pods will meet once every two weeks-- once independently, for dinner or coffee in the residential halls or elsewhere on campus, and once a month with other pods in the residential colleges for study breaks. Pods for each sister college (Rocky-Mathey, Whitman-Forbes, and Butler-Wilson) will meet and have the opportunity to talk in a larger setting over food.

Attending PWMP Events & Workshops

In addition to the weekly meetings, Pod Members attend large-scale PWMP events and workshops throughout the semester. This programming enriches pod discussions and offers Pod Members the opportunity to grow from a different kind of leadership development. (Learn more about our past events).