Women in Sports-- 4/4/16

Please take a moment to watch a recent video campaign promoting a women’s ESPN channel in Brazil and highlighting the way we too often think of sports as exclusively male.  Olivia Hompe ‘17 also raised a similar issue in a blog post in which she discusses how the layout of a major lacrosse website marginalizes women players and contends that women deserve #MoreThanJustAW.  On a related note, this week five U.S. Women’s Soccer players accused U.S. Soccer of wage discrimination and filed a report with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  We encourage you two think about these two pieces in conversation with one another:

  1. How many professional female athletes can you name?  When we think about sports, why do we think about men's teams and male athletes first?  How can we work to change this?
  2. If you are or have ever competed as a woman athlete, how has your gender identity informed your athletic experience?  Have athletics shaped or in any way challenged how you think about gender roles, identities, stereotypes, etc.?
  3. Who is your favorite female athlete?

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