Women in the Eating Clubs-- February 23, 2015

To start of the semester, we'd like to share with you the recently published New York Times article on Princeton’s election of new female eating club presidents, and the Daily Princetonian's coverage of the panel discussion on women and the eating clubs . During the panel conversation, Joanna Anyanwu '15 highlighted the importance of continuing to make progress. "I think there should be a distinction between success on a position level and cultural change. It's important that these changes are being made, but it's really key to see if these changes are being internalized."

1.      Several panelists discussed how the internalization of dominant cultural values and messaging makes some women comfortable with, and therefore less likely to challenge, current eating club culture. What are some of these messages internalized by women on campus? By men? How do we create an environment and culture in which the status quo can be openly and comfortably challenged?

2.      Lily Adler ‘15 spoke to the problem of referring to this fall’s highly publicized examples of misogynistic eating club practice as “incidents.” How can we use language to reframe eating club culture and practice? 

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