Pod Partners 2014-2015

Alexis Andres, Director of Student Life, Butler College 

Alison Boden, Dean of Religious Life

Alison Gammie, Senior Lecturer, Molecular Biology

Amy Campbell, Assistant Vice President, University Services

AnneMarie Luijendijk, Associate Professor of Religion and Department Representative

Bruce Easop, Leadership Fellow

Calvin Chin, Director of Psychological and Counseling Services

Carolyn Ainslie, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer

Dov Grohsgal, Lecturer, Princeton Writing Program

Deirdre Moloney, Director of Fellowship Advising

Diana Mitchell, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Diversity

Elizabeth Bogan, Professor of Economics

Emma Ljung, Lecturer, Writing Program

Evan Schneider, Program Coordinator, Pace Center

Hanna Lee, Assistant Director, Fellowship Advising (in Spring 2015)

Hannah Ross, General Counsel

Jackie Deitch-Stackhouse, Director of SHARE

Janet Rapelye, Dean of Admission

Jill Dolan, Annan Professor in English, Professor Theater in the Lewis Center for the Arts, and Director, Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies

Justin Lorts, Director of Studies, Whitman College, and Abigail Lewis, Associate Director of the Athena Center for Leadership Studies at Barnard College

Justine Levine, Director of Studies, Rockefeller College

Karla Ewalt, Associate Dean for Research

Ken Norman, Professor of Psychology, and Liz Lempert, Mayor of Princeton

Khristina Gonzalez, Associate Director for the Writing Center

Laura Strickler, Executive Director for Administrative Planning, Office of the Executive Vice President

Lianne Sullivan-Crowley, Vice President for Human Resources

Lisa Sweeney, Head Softball Coach

Margot Canaday, Associate Professor of History

Melissa Lane, Class of 1943 Professor of Politics

Molly Greene, Professor of History and Hellenic Studies

Nimisha Barton, Lecturer

Peter French, Chaplain of the Episcopal Church at Princeton

Polly Griffin, Registrar

Pulin Sanghvi, Executive Director of Career Services

Rebecca Graves-Bayazitoglu, Dean of Whitman College (in Spring 2015)

Regan Crotty, Director of Student Life, Wilson College

Romy Riddick, Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Ronny Regev, Lecturer in History

Sam Shweisky, Head Coach of Men’s Volleyball

Sandra Bermann, Cotsen Professor of the Humanities, Professor of Comparative Literature, and Master of Whitman College

Sarah-Jane Leslie, Class of 1943 Professor of Philosophy and Acting Director of the Program in Linguistics

Shawn Maxam, Prevention Coordinator, SHARE

Shirley Tilghman, Professor of Molecular Biology and Public Affairs, and President Emerita

Sophie Meunier, Research Scholar, Woodrow Wilson School

Stacy Wolf, Professor of Theater in the Lewis Center for the Arts and Director, Princeton Atelier

Tali Mendelberg, Professor of Politics

Tennille Haynes, Director, Carl A. Fields Center

Thomas Dunne, Deputy Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Toni Turano, Associate Dean of the Faculty

Treby Williams, Executive Vice President

Trisha Thorme, Director, Community-Based Learning Initiatives