Weekly Discussion Topics

Who are five people you spend the most time with? Don’t be afraid to be completely honest answering this question. Pods are meant to foster safe spaces for us to talk openly. The people we spend a lot of time with are the ones who have the most influence on our habits. Is there anyone you think you should add to your top 5?
This week, we’re turning our attention closer to home.  In anticipation of our Hour of Power with Nan Keohane on April 2nd, please read and discuss with your pod the summary on pages 5-8 of the Report of the Steering Committee: Undergraduate Women's Leadership, which was led by Nan Keohane.
To start of the semester, we'd like to share with you the recently published New York Times article on Princeton’s election of new female eating cl
Please take a moment to watch a recent video campaign promoting a women’s ESPN channel in Brazil and highlighting the way we too often think of sports as exclusively male.
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