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  • Join us for our opening PWMP event this fall. Co-hosted by VP for Campus Life, Cynthia Cherrey, Dean of the College, Val Smith, Dean of the Faculty, Debbie Prentice, and Dean of the Graduate School, Sanjeev Kulkarni!
  • This summer, New York Times Op-Ed writer Nicholas Kristof featured the research of Princeton Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs, Susan Fiske, in his article about how sexism persists through unconscious biases, even among those who embrace g
  • What is mentorship? Princeton’s Steering Committee on Undergraduate Women’s Leadership defines mentorship as “good advice, close connections with peers and others who understand life at Princeton, and relationships with people at different stages of life whom one knows and can trust.” At Princeton, mentorship draws from a networ

Weekly Discussion Topics

This week, we’d love for you to discuss how women officers are perceived in eating clubs.
This week, we’re turning our attention to gender disparities in the workplace. Please read “Technology’s Man Problem,” which discusses some of the factors that cause women to feel like outsiders and ultimately leave their field.
The Nassau Weekly recently published an article, “Cock Blocking,” by Emily Lever ‘15, which discusses the scrutiny of women’s behaviors on this campus. As you address the following questions, please pay attention to how these issues play out in academic and social contexts.
Arianna Huffington, creator of the Huffington Post, gave a TED talk, “Sleeping Your Way to the Top,” where she argues that women need to stop pushing themselves so hard.
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